What do we offer?

Homeschooling with Oxford International is designed to support each individual student throughout their education, enabling them to study from anywhere in the world. Every student gets to choose from a range of subjects at all levels, from year 1 in primary school to year 13 in college. We offer all common subjects and have degree qualified teachers providing a fun learning environment, adapted to the students needs.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers

Who teaches our classes?

All our teachers are required to have degrees, as well as experience teaching in traditional schools and online. Our teachers come from diverse backgrounds and are trained in modern teaching techniques using online resources. Some of our teachers also bring real world experience into the classroom, such as successful entrepreneurs teaching our business classes. 

Live classes and custom online platform

How does online learning work.

Online learning with Oxford International is designed around weekly timetabled live lessons, all of which are recorded for later review, as well as learning material provided on our custom designed online platform.

Most students attend our live lessons for which our teachers use Zoom , while some students watch recordings only. Homeschooling with us is flexible, allowing it to fit around your needs. Our experienced, degree qualified teachers help every student achieve academic excellence. 

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