Our primary school offers the most flexible packages. Subject fees depend on the weekly hours. Students can select any combination of subjects starting from £429 annually.

Full-Time students pay £6,999 annually, which includes up to 8 subjects per year. Part-Time students can study as many individual subjects as they like. Costs depend on weekly hours and start from £429 annually. Please get in touch for a more detailed quote.  For students with very good grades, we offer fast track GCSEs in one year. Prices start from £858.


Full-time college students pay £5,850 annually. This includes 3 A-levels. Students can opt to do a 4th A-level or just study an individual A-level. Prices start from £1,950. Intensive (1 year only) A-levels can be studied from £3,900.

Monthly payment options available for fee payments.

How do I sign up?

Our signing up process is simple. First you should contact us, it is the best way for you to ask any questions you may have. If you would then like to sign up, you will have to fill in a simple form and choose your subjects. The team will then check that all your chosen classes are available. If you apply early, this may take a couple of weeks, as we have to wait and see how many students apply. We run classes in multiple groups and it can take a few weeks to confirm how many groups we have per subject. Once your subjects are confirmed, you can arrange your fee payment and you are all set to start.

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