Live lessons

At Oxford, each student will have a timetable and weekly live lessons. We have dedicated teachers for each subject who not only teach, but also provide further support where needed. Live lessons are conducted over Zoom, with interactive whiteboards, Powerpoints and worksheets. 


The platform we use is custom designed and tailored for the school and allows each student to gain access to support material such as recordings of each live lesson, resources and materials used in classes and homework as well as personal feedback from the teachers for each individual student.

Furthermore, additional platforms are used for different subjects to further enhance the learning experience.

Can I trial the lessons?

After having a personal talk with us about your needs and desires, we can offer students the chance to participate in individual lessons to experience our online teaching. We can also offer an insight into our custom made platform, giving perspective students an idea of what it feels like to be a student at Oxford International.

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